Volume 30, Number 4
Journal of Marital and Familiy TherapyAuthors: Mo Yee Lee and LeeAnn Mjelde-Mossey (The Ohio State University, 2004) Abstract:  In... more
International Student Ministries Canada is a Christian charitable organization committed to helping all students from all countries with all beliefs... more
by Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith of Christian Direction discusses the need to think contextually when conducting urban ministry in Canada.  From the Forge Canada website.
Established in 1976, AWIC has a long history of serving newcomers, primarily the South Asian Community in and around North York, Ontario, Canada.... more
Youth Mentorship Program
Youth Assisting Youth is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a peer mentoring service to improve life prospects for at risk and... more
University Settlement is a multi-service agency that was founded in 1910 and has the distinction of being the first community-based social service... more
 From the Religion and Diversity Project Website:The aim of this project is to address the following question: What are the contours of religious... more
A series of articles on multiculturalism published by the Globe and Mail in the first week of October 2010.
 The Globe and Mail published a series of articles in the first week of October, 2010 discussing the benefits and the pitfalls of Canada's... more
This project focused on how Canadian Churches are welcoming new immigrants. This was a collaboration between World Vision, TIM Centre and CCBR.
Three questions were posed in the study:How do recent immigrants experience church in Canada?What has been the response of churches in Canada to... more
By James Watson
This document provides a template for collecting information about a specific neighbourhood.It is provided as a free resource for your usage. However... more


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