by Lisa Pak
How are local churches responding to the Great Commission opportunity that comes with immigrants, refugees and international students arriving in... more
Providing friendship and support for Live-in Caregivers
Thornhill Caregivers is a support and friendship group for Live-In Caregivers and Nannies in the Thornhill and greater Toronto area. We meet... more
This joint report is a brief summary of some of the major developments in federal policy and practice as they impact on immigrant and refugee women... more
Established in 1976, AWIC has a long history of serving newcomers, primarily the South Asian Community in and around North York, Ontario, Canada.... more
This project focused on how Canadian Churches are welcoming new immigrants. This was a collaboration between World Vision, TIM Centre and CCBR.
Three questions were posed in the study:How do recent immigrants experience church in Canada?What has been the response of churches in Canada to... more
Statistics Canada
 From Statistics Canada:Information on ethnic groups, visible minorities, the Canadian-born population, immigrants and non-permanent residents, and... more
Matthew House (Fort Erie) is located at 183 Central Avenue, Fort Erie, ON, L2A 3S8, Canada; 905-871-6059. It is a first place of welcome for refugees... more
Casa el Norte is a transitional home that offers shelter to refugees coming into Canada. It is strategically located in Fort Erie where many refugees... more
Beginning the Discussion By Ruth Cassidy and James Grunau
 God calls the church to deep levels of engagement with refugees and new immigrants that ultimately reveals God’s heart of compassion for... more
  From the United Way Website:The number of poor Toronto neighbourhoods is rising at a rapid rate.In the past two decades, Toronto has... more


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