This project focused on how Canadian Churches are welcoming new immigrants. This was a collaboration between World Vision, TIM Centre and CCBR.
Three questions were posed in the study:How do recent immigrants experience church in Canada?What has been the response of churches in Canada to... more
Statistics Canada
 From Statistics Canada:Information on ethnic groups, visible minorities, the Canadian-born population, immigrants and non-permanent residents, and... more
A description of how welcoming Canadian churches are to recent immigrants (March 21, 2011).
By Dr. Steven Ybarrola
 Abstract:The discipline of anthropology has, throughout much of its short history, been interested in the migration, adaptation, and identity... more
Enhancing Policy Through Research
Metropolis is an international network for comparative research and public policy development on migration, diversity and immigrant integration in... more
2006 to 2031
Statistics Canada’s report on how Canadian diversity will change between 2006 and 2031.Read a Summary in The DailyDownload the Full ReportDiversity... more
  From the United Way Website:The number of poor Toronto neighbourhoods is rising at a rapid rate.In the past two decades, Toronto has... more
Trends in Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver, 1971–2006
Centre for Urban and Community Studies, Research Bulletin 42© University of Toronto 2008ISBN-13 978-0-7727-1466-4
A 7-page report on ethnic diversity for the 140 Toronto neighbourhoods.(pdf) Source: Demographic Reports found in the Neighbourhood Profiles provided... more


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