By Mark Chapman
Syrian refugees are in the news but Canadian churches have been developing relationships with immigrants since immigrants first arrived on the shores... more
by James Watson and Mark Chapman
How Churches are Ministering to ImmigrantsThe Bible is pretty clear about the church’s responsibility to “strangers.” Recent research in Toronto... more
by Sam Reimer, Mark Chapman, Rich Janzen, James Watson, and Michael Wilkinson
Abstract:Canada receives roughly 250,000 immigrants each year, and the government spends considerable resources on assisting them to settle and... more
by Rich Janzen, Alethea Stobbe, Mark Chapman, and James Watson
Abstract:This article discusses the role of Canadian Christian churches in immigrant settlement and integration and discusses implications for the... more
by Rich Janzen, Mark D. Chapman,and James W. Watson
Abstract:In just one generation the cultural face of Canadian society has been transformed. The relative level of immigration has increased rapidly... more
Facilitator's guide
Local churches across the country are opening their homes and their hearts to refugees. These churches, of every denomination, are looking for... more
 Want to better understand your congregation or your community of faith? By examining a congregation's ecology, culture, resources and process,... more
The Global Faith Forum highlights multifaith programs that are already making a difference.  We won’t just talk about the programs, you’ll hear... more
 Welcome. We are blessed by a diversity of nationalities represented in our church, so there is a very good chance you will meet others here who... more
Ethnic Diversity Survey: Portrait of a Multicultural Society
From the document:"Canada is a multicultural society whose ethno-cultural composition has been shaped over time by different waves of immigrants and... more


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