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Diaspora Initiative

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  • According to Statistics Canada, in 2006, over 50 percent of residents living in Markham and Richmond Hill were not born in Canada.
  • People who choose to live in York Region are generally highly-skilled and well-educated.
  • York Region is the fastest growing Census Division in Ontario.
  • In 1901, there were 25 distinct ethnic groups in Canada. Today, there are about 226. In York Region there are more than 200 distinct ethnic groups.


York Region has a very helpful Immigration Portal called York Welcome that links to many different services in and around York Region. The Welcome Centre has a variety of immigration services all in one place. Services are provided free of charge. There are five agencies that are found at the Welcome Centre:


There are several other local organizations available to help newcommers get settled in York Region.


Here is a list of other resources that can help newcomers settle in York Region and Ontario: