We seek to provide an accessible online portal for receiving and sharing tools, information, expertise, and resources related to engaging and embracing the diverse peoples of the Greater Toronto Area. We aim to be a comprehensive resource centre for Christians engaged in intercultural ministry.

Our activities are organized around four key values:

  1. Unity in Christ
  2. Celebrating Ethno-Cultural Diversity
  3. Mutual Respect and Understanding
  4. Partnership for Kingdom Outcomes

A COLLABORATIVE FUTURE is a critical initiative that has grown out of a strong desire for collaboration. This website has become a valuable tool in our collective effort to connect people and share resources that will facilitate Christian ministry and mission among the diverse peoples of the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. is only as strong as the collective commitment of those who are willing to partner with and contribute to this developing initiative. Every person and organization that has contributed to the development of has done it on top of his or her already full work and ministry schedules.

The heart and soul of this website comes from people like you who are engaged in this dimension of Kingdom work. The expanding data, the tools and the resources for reaching across the cultures and the stories of what God is doing from many different perspectives are our collective contributions to the kingdom of God in the Greater Toronto area.
The contributions of many people, churches, denominations and mission agencies are welcomed. Please contact us if you would like to make a contribution of time, money or resources to help develop in its goal to provide resources for intercultural ministry in the Greater Toronto Area.