United Arab Emirates

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Population: 5.6 million (2014 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Emirati - 19%, other Arab and Iranian - 23%, South Asian - 50%, other expatriates (includes Westerners and East Asians) - 8%
Languages: Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu
Religions: Muslim - 96%, Christian, Hindu, and others - 4%

In one generation, the United Arab Emirates transformed from poverty and an economy dependent on fishing, into a tourist destination and playground for the super rich. Oil wealth has funded massive spending on development, and almost all Emirians today live in very modern homes. Islam is the state religion, and although there is a relatively high amount of religious freedom compared to other Arab states, attempting to convert a Muslim to another religion is illegal. Almost everybody born in the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim, and most foreign workers are Muslims as well. All Muslims are required to follow Islamic law (for example, they are not allowed to consume alcohol), but non-Muslims are exempt from some aspects of Islamic law. The government is authoritarian, and foreign publications are censored.

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