Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands off the northeast coast of Venezuela. Trinidad can be seen from the coast of Venezuela. Tobago is to the northeast of Trinidad and is much smaller.


Population: 1.2 million (2014 est.)
Ethnic Groups: East Indian (35.4%), African (34.2%), mixed - other (15.3%), mixed African/East Indian (7.7%), other (1.3%), unspecified (6.2%)
Languages: English (official), Caribbean Hindustani (a dialect of Hindi), French, Spanish, Chinese
Religions: Protestant (32.1%), Roman Catholic (21.6%), Hindu (18.2%), Muslim (5%), Jehovah's Witness (1.5%), other and unspecified (19.5%), none (2.2%)


Albanian Population:
In Canada: 58,415
In the GTA: 34,890
In the City of Toronto: 13,540

Primary Areas of Settlement in the GTA (Social Atlas):
Mississauga, Brampton, City of Toronto (Scarborough, Etobicoke and Toronto York), Ajax, Pickering, Markham

Trinidad and Tobago became independent from Britain in 1962. It is a democracy, but the political landscape is characterized by racial division between the two largest ethnic groups: Indo-Trinidadian and Afro-Trinidadian. Like its neighbour Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago has an economy reliant on oil and gas. The country has one of the strongest economies in Latin America. Although Trinidad and Tobago has a sizable Christian population, there are many other religious groups found in the country. There is a great deal of religious diversity in Trinidad and Tobago; consequently, there are Christian, Muslim, and Hindu holidays that are recognized as public holidays. There is freedom of religion.

Map of Services and Churches in the GTA: 

Social and Settlement Services in the GTA


Churches in the GTA

The Peoples Church
374 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, ON
M2N 3B6
Phone: 416-222-3241

All Nations Full Gospel Church
4401 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, ON
M3N 2S4
Phone: 416-665-9964


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