Toronto's Diverse People Groups

Did you know that the largest population of Tibetans in North America can be found right here in the city of Toronto? Or that you can find one of the largest Tamil speaking population outside of India also in Toronto? The global movement of people is changing the ethnic, cultural and religious make-up of Toronto, making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world!

Toronto is home to an immense number of diverse people groups and we want to celebrate this diversity by highlighting some of these culturally diverse groups found in this great city. Utilizing 2006 census data from the City of Toronto website, we mapped differing neighbourhoods and wards, randomly choosing 11 diverse people groups that are part of our beautiful city. Below you will find a map showcasing specific people groups (according to their spoken language) and the neighbourhood where the largest population of these people groups can be found in Toronto. Furthermore, click here to view our country profiles page!

If you would like to conduct further research, you can find the census data at this website, or you may contact us. We would be happy to help with your specific neighbourhood mapping!