Toronto Services

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto website has a Portal for immigrants planning to settle in the city, connecting them to most of the services they will need to access. They also have a companion site called Toronto Newcomer Initiative - is also a great site to find local community services in Toronto - or any other city in Ontario.

Other sites provide services for immigrants on a more local scale, such as West Toronto Local Immigration Partnership and for specific language and ethnic groups (like Afghani, Arab, Vietnamese, or Jewish people).

Resources for specific ethnic groups can be found by going to our Cultural Profiles Page.

Newcomers Canada Fair - Toronto will connect you with government immigration officials, employers, recruiters, english language supporters and more.


Use the map below to find other services in the City of Toronto.

Click on one of the Community Council names (Toronto/East York, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke/York) to find a larger scale map showing resources for each area.

Clicking on one of the numbers will bring you to information about each specific ward in the City of Toronto.

Toronto CC and Ward MapEtobicoke-York Community Council North York Community Council Toronto and East York Scarborough Community Council Ward 44 Ward 43 Ward 42 Ward 41 Ward 40 Ward 39 Ward 38 Ward 37 Ward 36 Ward 35 Ward 34 Ward 33 Ward 32 Ward 31 Ward 30 Ward 29 Ward 28 Ward 27 Ward 26 Ward 25 Ward 24 Ward 23 Ward 22 Ward 21 Ward 20 Ward 19 Ward 18 Ward 17 Ward 16 Ward 15 Ward 14 Ward 13 AWrd 12 Ward 11 Ward 10 Ward 9 Ward 8 Ward 7 Ward 6 Ward 5 Ward 4 Ward 3 Ward 2 Ward 1