Syria is found in southwest Asia, on the east coast of the Mediteranean Sea. Syria shares borders with Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. It is fortunate to be located on the fertile Mediterranean coast - this allows agriculture to play a critical role in the country's economy.


Population: 17.1 million
Ethnic Groups: Arab (90.3%), Kurds, Armenians, and Other (9.7%)
Languages: Arabic (Official), Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic, Circassian (widely understood), French, English
Religions: Muslim 87% (Official), Christian (10%), Druze (3%), Jewish (few remaining in Damascus and Aleppo)
Capital: Damascus
CIA: The World Factbook - Last Updated July 13, 2017

Syrians in Toronto

Syrian Population:
In Canada: 77,045
In the GTA: 16,150
In Toronto: 6,655

Primary Areas of Settlement in the GTA (Social Atlas):
Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, and the City of Toronto (Ward 42 Scarborough Rouge River).

Syria became independent from France in 1946. Political unrest and economic sanctions have contributed to Syria's troubled role in the Middle East. Recently, international pressure has forced Syria to take a more moderate position on its foreign policies. Today, Syria's economy is dependent on agriculture, oil, and tourism. Economic progress is being made, but is slow. Syria has been a secular state since independence. The vast majority of the population is Muslim, but the Christian minority enjoys significantly more freedom than in other areas of the Middle East. Nevertheless, they do face discrimination (for example, in trying to find housing).

Settlement Services in the GTA

Churches in the GTA

St. Barsaumo Syriac Orthodox Church
72 Birchmount Road
Toronto, ON
M1N 3J6
Phone: 416-694-4500

St. Behnam Orthodox Church
50 Erie Street
Toronto, ON
M6L 2P6

St. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church of Canada
1525 Kenmuir Avenue
Mississauga, ON
L5G 4B6
Phone: 905-271-0150

St. Peter’s Syriac Orthodox Church of Canada
1550 S Gateway Road, Unit 315
Mississauga, ON
L4W 5G6

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