Mauritius is an African island nation located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. The country consists of one larger and three smaller islands.


Population: 1.3 million
Ethnic Groups: Indo-Mauritian (68%), Creole (27%), Sino-Mauritian (3%), Franco-Mauritian (2%)
Languages: Creole (86.5%), Bhojpuri (5.3%), French (4.1%), English (Official), Others (2.67%), Unspecified (0.1%)
Religions: Hindu (48.5%), Roman Catholic (26.3%), Muslim (17.3%), other Christian (6.4%), None (0.7%), Other and Unspecified (0.7%)
Capital: Port Louis
CIA: The World Factbook - Last Updated July 11, 2017

Mauritians in Toronto

Mauritian Population:
In Canada: 9,325
In the GTA: 2,820
In Toronto: 940

Mauritius was settled by the Dutch in the 1600s, was a French colony between 1715-1810, and later became a British colony before gaining its independence in 1968. Since 1969, Mauritia has enjoyed political stability and democracy. It is also one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. Most of the population is Indo-Mauritian, and since Mauritian politics is dominated by ethnic divides, there tends to be some Indianization (and by extension, Hinduization) of government and culture. There is freedom of religion.

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University of Toronto Mauritian Society

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