Liberia is found in the west coastline of the African continent. Liberia shares borders with the North Atlantic Ocean to the west, Sierra Leone and Guinea to the north, and Cote d'Ivoire to the east. Liberia is very close to the equator and has a hot, humid climate.


Population: 3.9 million (2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Kpelle (20.3%), Bassa (13.4%), Grebo (10%), Gio (8%), Mano (7.9%), Kru (6%), Lorma (5.1%), Kissi (4.8%), Gola (4.4%), other (20.1%)
Languages: English - 20% (official), 20 ethnic group languages
Religions: Christian (85.6%), Muslim (12.2%), Traditional (0.6%), other (0.2%), none (1.4%)


Liberians Population:
In Canada: 1,690
In the GTA: 320

Past conflicts have been damaging to Liberia's economy and infrastructure, and poverty is an issue that must be tackled. However, there is reason for optimism as Liberia is blessed with abundant natural resources, and peace and stability seem to have arrived for the longer term. Liberia was founded as a Christian state, so it is unsurprising that most of the population identifies as Christian.

Map of Services and Churches in the GTA: 

Social and Settlement Services in the GTA


Federation of Liberian Associations in Canada
47 Harding Avenue
Toronto, ON



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