Large Canadian Churches Draw an Estimated 300,000 Worshippers Each Week: Findings from a National Study

By Warred Bird in collaboration with a Canadian research team

Canadian Megachurch Project

Terms like megachurch, church growth, multiple services, and congregations with lots of young families bring to mind countries like the United States (think Joel Osteen and Lakewood, or Rick Warren and Saddleback), Nigeria (with sanctuaries that seat over 50,000), Korea (home to the world’s largest-attendance church) and other parts of the world.

However, despite statistics that suggest a diminishing trend of church attendance, this document explores the growth of megachurches in a Canadian context. Indeed, there has been an increasing share of larger-attendance churches in recent years, with an estimated one out of every eight Protestants worshiping weekly in these multicultural and ethnically diverse congregations.