Israel is located in the Middle East, on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The country shares borders with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.


Population: 8.1 million
Ethnic Groups: Jewish (74.8%) (of which Israel-born 75.6%, Europe/America/Oceania-born 16.6%, Africa-born 4.9%, Asia-born 2.9%), non-Jewish (25.2%) (mostly Arab)
Languages: Hebrew (Official), Arabic, English
Religions: Jewish (74.8%), Muslim (17.6%), Christian (2%), Druze (1.6%), Other (4%)
Capital: Jerusalem
CIA: The World Factbook - Last Updated July 11, 2017

Israeli in Toronto

Israeli Population:
In Canada: 28,740
In the GTA: 14,490
In Toronto: 6,715

Primary Areas of Settlement in the GTA (Social Atlas):
The City of Toronto, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill.

Israel was founded in 1948 as a homeland for Jews. Its history has been characterized by conflicts with surrounding states and acts of terrorism from Islamist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Repeated attempts to achieve peace (with help from the USA and others) have not been too successful, and there is great disagreement amongst Israelis as to the peace process.

Settlement Services in the GTA

Beth Chabad Israeli Community Centre
7770 Bathurst St. 
Thornhill, ON
L4J 0C9

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