Honduras is found in Central America and shares borders with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Its northern border is along the Caribbean Sea - which is excellent for the country's expanding tourism industry. Tourists are attracted to the country's beaches and coral reefs in addition to its national parks and Mayan ruins.


Population: 8 million (2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and European) (90%), Amerindian (7%), Black (2%), White (1%)
Languages: Spanish (official), Amerindian dialects
Religions: Roman Catholic (97%), Protestant (3%)


Albanian Population:
In Canada: 5,845
In the GTA: 870
In the City of Toronto: 440

Honduras became independent from Spain in 1821, but its history is characterized by instability. Honduras today is a democracy, but continues battling for true political stability. Unemployment and poverty are social issues that must be tackled. Hondurans have religious freedom and there is separation of church and state. The Catholic Church's influence is declining as Catholics are becoming less active in the church. On the other hand, the country's Protestant population is on the rise and is very active. As is expected in a country with such a high Christian population, Christian holidays like Holy Week, Easter, and Christmas are widely celebrated.

Map of Services and Churches in the GTA: 

Social and Settlement Services


Honduran Churches

Ministerio Ciudad de Avivamiento/City of Revival Ministry
4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5B 4B8
Phone: 647-982-6235

Primera Iglesia Alianza Hispana
325 Weston Road, Unit 6b
Toronto, ON
M6N 4Z9
Phone: 416-630-7084


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