Grenada is an islands nation in the Caribbean Sea. The entire country covers only 345 square kilometres. It consists of a larger island north of Trinidad and small inlets south of St. Vincent.


Population: 111,219
Ethnic Groups: African descent (82.4%), mixed (13.3%), East Indian (2.2%), Other (1.3%), Unspecified (0.9%)
Languages: English (Official), French Patois
Religions: Protestant (49.2%), Roman Catholic (36%), Jehovah's Witnesses (1.2%), Rastafarian (1.2%), Other (5.5%), None (5.7%), Unspecified (1.3%)
Capital: Saint George's
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Grenadians in Toronto

Grenadian Population:
In Canada: 17,195
In the GTA: 12,380
In Toronto: 7,370

Primary Areas of Settlement in the GTA (Social Atlas):
City of Toronto, Brampton, Pickering, and Ajax.

Grenada was ruled by the French from 1650 to 1783, and then the British. It became independent in 1974, but eccentric leaders and radical revolutions made for a stormy decade. In 1983, a democratic government was restored. Today, Grenada is more prosperous than most developing countries. Although poverty exists, few starve because the farmlands are fertile. There is complete freedom of religion. The vast majority of Grenadians identify as Christian, and religion plays an important role in society. Birth, marriage, and death are all marked by religious ceremonies.

Settlement Services in the GTA

Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton
1200 Speers Road, Unit 40
Oakville, ON
L6L 2X4
Phone: 905-257-0908


Thornhill African Caribbean Canadian Association
1136 Centre Street, Suite 3
Thornhill, ON
L4J 3M8
Phone: 416-458-2534

Churches in the GTA

All Nations Full Gospel Church
4401 Steeles Avenue West
Toronto, ON
M3N 2S4
Phone: 416-665-9964

The Peoples Church
374 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, ON
M2N 3B6
Phone: 416-222-3241

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