Situated in central Europe, Germany borders the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea to the north; Poland and the Czech Republic to the east; Austria and Switzerland to the south; and France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands to the west. Germany is strategically located in the centre of Europe. Above is the castle of Neuschwanstein near the town of F├╝ssen, Bavaria, which served as the inspiration behind Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Population: 80.7 million
Ethnic Groups: German (91.5%), Turkish (2.4%), Other (6.1%)
Languages: German (Official)
Religions: Roman Catholic (29%), Protestant (27%), Muslim (4.4%), Orthodox Christian (1.9%), Other (1.7%), None or members of unrecorded religious groups (36%)
Capital: Berlin
CIA: The World Factbook - Last Updated July 11, 2017

Germans in Toronto

German Population:
In Canada: 3,322,405
In the GTA: 271,815
In Toronto: 130,895

Primary Areas of Settlement in the GTA (Social Atlas):
Milton, Oakville, Halton Hills, Caledon, King, Aurora, Whitchurch-Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, and the City of Toronto (Parkdale-High Park, Beaches-East York, Scarborough East).

The end of Hitler and the Second World War was followed by a split into East and West Germany. The two states did not reunite until after Communism collapsed. The dismal state of East Germany hampered progress, but robust economic and social reforms in the past decade resulted in a strong economic recovery in Germany. Today, Germany enjoys political stability and the strongest economy in Europe. It is also beginning to re-assert itself on the international stage. Religious freedom is guaranteed in the constitution.  The Catholic and Lutheran churches are both well established, but are not state churches. Christianity has been on the decline in Germany as thousands are formally disaffiliating to avoid the church tax. As a result, many churches are closing down.

Settlement Services in the GTA

Churches in the GTA

German United Church Toronto
Deutsche Evangeliums Kirche
20 Glebe Road East
Toronto, ON
M4S 1N6
Phone: 416-484-6849

Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church
2379 Lake Shore Boulevard West
Toronto, ON
M8V 1B7
Phone: 416-251-8293

Willowdale Evangelical Church
236 Finch Avenue East
Toronto, ON
M2N 4S2
Phone: 416-223-3182 

Humbervale Park Baptist Church
763 Royal York Road
Toronto, ON
M8Y 2T3
Phone: 416-231-6483

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