Field Research

Field Research
“The clever man will tell you what he knows; he may even try to explain it to you. The wise man encourages you to discover it for yourself, even though he knows it inside out.” -Revans (1980), quoted in Action Research, Principles and Practice,McNiff, 1988, 52
Our urban centres are rapidly changing. The context in which the church lives and serves is a lot different than it was 10-20 years ago. Churches and educational institutions like Tyndale Seminary need to be aware of such changes and how they will impact the way we do ministry.

Through the Tyndale Intercultural Ministries Centre (TIM Centre), we have enthusiastically participated in cutting edge research projects since 2010. All of our projects are guided by our commitment to facilitating growth within our ever-changing multicultural context in practical and powerful ways.

What makes our research projects unique is that we intentionally conduct action-based research—participating with people through research instead of conducting research on people. Also, as we are in Canada, our focus is specifically towards a Canadian context. Some of our past projects have been incredibly insightful and influential in this way. See below for more of an in-depth look at our past and upcoming research projects!


Field Research
A recent study conducted by TIM Centre, World Vision, and the Centre for Community Based Research gathered information and insights from over 300 church leaders, including new immigrants, from across Canada. Their discoveries may surprise you. Your church could be poised to create the welcoming community that immigrants need and want. Explore how TIM Centre’s research attempted to find answers to these questions:
  • How do recent immigrants experience church in Canada?
  • How well have Canadian churches responded to new immigrants?
  • What can churches do to be more welcoming and inclusive of newcomers?
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Field Research
TIM Centre was a lead partner in a national research project: “The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration.” The goal of the research was to better equip church groups across Canada to help immigrants and refugees settle and integrate into Canadian society. It may be best to begin by reading the “Summary of the National Research Report”

You may be interested to review the finding of the “Toronto Research Project”.

Several resources have been developed to help churches engage more effectively in ministry to new immigrants in their settlement process. The “Finding Your Way” resource provides many creative ways individuals and churches can engage in ministry to Immigrants.

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Field Research
It is generally recognized that church growth in Toronto and Canada is happening at a faster rate among the immigrant population. Recognizing this reality TIM Centre is working with NCCP’s to resource and equip them for effective ministry in their newly adopted country of Canada.

TIM Centre launched the NCCP project with the following desired objectives: 1) to identify and break down the isolation of new Canadian Church Planters (NCCP) in the Golden Horseshoe, 2) to connect new Canadian church planters and denominational leaders in collaborative relationships, 3) to identify Tyndale Intercultural Ministry (TIM) Centre as a resource, and 3) to disseminate ongoing learning from the project.

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