Eritrea is found in eastern Africa. Eritrea has its eastern coastline along the Red Sea, and shares land borders with Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Eritrea is very close to the equator, and Denkalia, its southernmost province, is reportedly the hottest place in the world. It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 60 degrees Celsius there.

Quick Facts

Population: 6 million (2013 est.)
Ethnic Groups: Tigrinya (55%), Tigre (30%), Saho (4%), Kunama (2%), Rashaida (2%), Bilen (2%), other (5%)
Languages: Tigrinya (official), Arabic (official), English (official), Tigre, Kunama, Afar, other Cushitic languages
Religions: Muslim, Coptic Christian, Roman Catholic, Protestant

Eritreans In Toronto

Eritrean Population:
In Canada: 10,475
In the GTA: 5,340
In the City of Toronto: 3,195

Primary Areas of Settlement in the GTA (Social Atlas):
Ajax, Vaughan, City of Toronto (Scarborough Southwest Ward 35)

Eritrea became independent from Ethiopia in 1993. At first, they were on friendly terms, but the relationship between the two countries got worse. Eritrea was involved in a border war with Ethiopia from 1998 until peace agreements were established in 2000.Roughly half the population is Muslim, and the other half is Christian. The four recognized religious groups in Eritrea are Sunni Islam, Eritrean Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Lutheran. All other religious groups have been persecuted, and by some estimates, thousands are in prison for their faith

Map of Services and Churches in the GTA: 

Social and Settlement Services in the GTA


Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Toronto
741 Broadview Ave Ste 202
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 3Y3


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