Armenia is a small country located southwest of Russia. As it is landlocked, the Arpa River and Lake Sevan are the only sources of fish. Commercial fishing is not a significant part of the economy at all.


Population: 3 million
Ethnic Groups: Armenian (97.9%), Yezidi (Kurd) (1.3%), Russian (0.5%), Other (0.3%)
Languages: Armenian (Official) (97.7%), Yezidi (1%), Russian (0.9%), Other (0.4%)
Religions: Armenian Apostolic (94.7%), Christian (4%), Other (1.3%)
Capital: Yerevan
CIA: The World Factbook - Last Updated July 3, 2017

Armenians in Toronto

Armenian Population:
In Canada: 63,180
In the GTA: 21,710
In Toronto: 12,265

Primary Areas of Settlement in the GTA (Social Atlas):
Markham, City of Toronto, Richmond Hill, Aurora, and Vaughan.

Armenia became the first Christian nation in the world more than 1700 years ago. Although economic growth was held back by an earthquake in 1988 and bad infrastructure, Armenia was able to successfully adapt to privatized business and stable agriculture following independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991. Another result of the collapse of communism was the renewal of religion and religious freedoms. The Armenian Apostolic Church has strong ties with the government. Religious minorities may experience small degrees of discrimination.

Settlement Services in the GTA

Churches in the GTA

Armenian Brotherhood Bible Church
2755 Victoria Park Avenue
Scarborough, ON
M1T 1A5
Phone: 416-492-3300

Armenian Emanuel Church of the Nazarene
2537 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON
M2L 1B1
Phone: 416-385-9874

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